Written Feb 20, 2014 12:47pm by Megan Richardson

Today is Porter's 3 month birthday and what a crazy 3 months it has been!!! Happy to report that he is doing well after the chest tube was placed yesterday. He gave us a little scare with his blood pressure dipping quite a bit after the tube placement but he lost a lot of fluid quickly and when he looses fluid that usually means it needs to be replaced. They thought he would have to go back on one of the blood pressure medicines but thankfully it came up to where the docs wanted it and he didn't need the medication. He has been doing
well today. We did some PT this morning with his arms and legs. There has been some preliminary talk of wanting to take the breathing tube out and replacing it with a Trach which, from what we're understanding, will allow him more motility and will be safer when trying to move him. It will also free up his mouth to allow for a pacifier if we use one or to possiblytry to suck on a bottle. Time will tell but right now he's enjoying a relaxing birthday.


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