Well what a year Porter has had!!!  It has been almost one year to the day that he came home from the hospital. He came home on 13 medications that were administered twice a day, preferred to lay down vs sitting, he was on and off oxygen, on the ventilator more than not, wasn't making sounds, could not tolerate PT, OT, or speech for very long, wouldn't take food by mouth, had trouble holding down his food among other things. 

TODAY~ he is down to 4 medications twice a day, he prefers to sit rather than lay down (most of the time), he is standing while holding onto the couch or our hands, he is taking steps while pushing a ride on toy, he rides his "peanut" ride on toy around the house, he scoots to get to his toys, he is taking little bits of food by mouth, he is not only making sounds but has said a few words very clearly- dada, bye bye and up, he is tolerating real food blended diet, he is growing and gaining weight appropriately, he sits with us at the dinner table and LOVES to play with his brother.  

He continues to amaze us everyday!!!!  

Thank you all for your continued support, prayer and good thoughts!  


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