Happy 11 month B-day!!!

It is hard to believe Porter is 11mo old!  Everyday with him is a blessing even if it is in the hospital. Definitely looking forward to coming home at some point soon though!!  Can't wait for the rest of the fam to arrive!!

Porter has been fever free since the central line was removed.  It should have been removed the day the hole was noticed and not 24 hours later.  In speaking with the heart failure doctor, Porter was septic with a staph growing in his line. He remains inactive on the transplant list until his antibiotic regimen is completed which is hopefully tomorrow.  He's been playful and happy since having the line removed.  The next step is determining what type of central line to put back in. 

Porter did well with PT yesterday and is really working hard to pull his head up while he's doing tummy time and is trying to push up with his arms.  Everyday he gets a little bit stronger. 


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