Happy Halloween

It was so awesome to have Oliver and Porter together for Halloween!  We along with the nurses and doctors loved seeing them dressed up together.  The hospital had a trick or treat function for the families and patients who were able to attend.  Clearly Porter could not attend but Oliver had fun trick or treating at the hospital.  He gathered lots of toys as they were not allowed to hand out candy.  He came back to Porter’s room and showed Porter all the treasures he received.   Unfortunately, the toys he gathered met their demise one afternoon over the weekend as Ray, one of our dogs, found the box they were in and decided to eat the majority of the toys and the ones he didn’t eat he chewed up pretty well!  Our nurse on Sunday was amazing.  She played with Porter and got him out on his mat to play which allowed us to take Oliver to an air show which was fantastic.  Looking forward to the day we can take Porter and Oliver to an air show together.

On another note, this has been a bit of a sad last 7 days.  You all probably remember a little girl Faith we asked you to pray for.  She and Porter were  “pod mates” in the CVICUand then they were  just down the hall from each other in the PCU.  I had the pleasure of meeting her mom and grandma as well as see little Faith smile.  Sadly, she got her angel wings yesterday and is now flying high in heaven.  Another mom, who I haven’t met personally but someone whose baby was at Duke and who has had a similar journey as I, lost her 6 month old Ian last week.  This mom also polyhydramnios, which led to little Ian having Noonan’s syndrome along with complicated heart issues.     Our hearts break for these families as they grieve the loss of their babies.   

Tomorrow, as much as he doesn’t want to, Oliver will be getting the flu shot not only to protect himself but also to protect Porter and all the other people who cannot afford getting sick.  The doctors are talking about putting themselves on contact (meaning they will wear gloves, masks and gowns) to enter Porter’s room since we are approaching the RSV season. It’s comforting to know they are thinking ahead!  

Porter can say that besides a heart all he wants for Christmas is his two front teeth and the tooth fairy is delivering early!  His top two teeth have started to cut through the gum.  It doesn’t take much to get him to smile and it’s so cute to see those teeth breaking through. 


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