Hearing and taking steps

Porter's ear tube placement was a success and since the procedure he seems to be vocalizing more.  He's really trying to make works and we can tell he gets frustrated when he can't form the word he is trying to say.  Sometimes he tries to yank on his trach or slap his head when he can't say what he's trying to say.  His fine motor skills are improving as well as his balance.  He took 40 steps yesterday while holding the physical therapists hands!  They've given us some new ways to assist him that will help him with his upper body strength.  He is still timid on sitting down on his own but he has almost mastered sitting himself up without help.  

Oral feeding is going very slowly but his is wanting to lick more food than he previously did.  He seemed to enjoy tasting/licking a piece of watermellon the other day.  

We have an IEP meeting coming up in July to talk about the possibility of Porter starting preschool when he turns 3!  We think he would definitely benefit from being around the other kids ~ it's all the germs that concerns us. We have some time but it will be here before we know it!


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