Heart Cath

Well it sure was long day! We went in for Porter’s cath today to find out that they were going to be performing his one year- yes - one year post transplant heart cath!!

So instead of just going in through his neck they went in through his groin too. This way they could check both his right and left heart along with his coronary artery. The coronary artery is key in people who’ve had heart transplants as this is what tends to “clog” requiring another transplant. It took the anesthesiologist about an hour to gain IV access on Porter~ no surprise. Porter did great through the procedure and the cardiologist said his pressures and coronary artery look great. There was some discrepancy when the tech came and did an echo on Porter after his cath though. His pressures looked a little higher on the echo and there appears to be some elevated tricuspid regurgitation going on at quite a bit higher level than the past two caths. This can be a sign of rejection but we won’t know until the biopsy is back. If it is rejection~ they will decide how severe and how to best attack it. Several of Porter’s “fan club” came by to see him today. It was great to see them!


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