Ahhh- home again.  Porter is so happy to be home.  I'm sure he enjoyed seeing all of his girlfriends at UNC but "there's no place like home."  

They took labs this morning and despite everything I said from the time he was admitted to get the portable ultra sound machine to check for veins because he doesn't have any, he was poked and "pissed" off this morning so much so that he de-sated into the 60's.  (oxygen level).  When I heard about this my reaction was - of course he de-sated.  He HATES to be held down, he may still look like a "baby" but he is old enough to know when they are going to stick him.  When I arrived at the hospital this morning, I walked in to find that the heater to his vent had tipped over, allowing quite a bit of water to drain into his tubing and escape into his bed.  Needless to say~ mama was less than pleased.  The nurse asked if I was aware that Porter had de-sated to 60 this morning and wanted to know if we thought he should stay another night.   My response~ "Um NO - I know exactly why he de-sated and we are going home."  

Porter has had a great afternoon today and has been on the Passy-Miur Valve (speaking valve)  for a bit without any desats. How about that. 

Oliver was really sweet when he went to bed and gave Porter a kiss on the head goodnight.  Love seeing them together. 


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