Infection = Inactive = lots of bad words

This has not been a fabulous start to the weekend. I arrived to the hospital early this morning because I was told that Porter would be taken to have his central line out at 7:00.  I arrived to find out that he wasn't even on the schedule for the OR and evidently surgery said "I hope we can fit him in".  My response~ you're going to fit him in, he has a hole in his central line and has an infection brewing!"  Talk about furious.  The resident came in and said he was on top of it and was calling the OR over and over until he got in touch with someone.  In the meantime, the nurse said Porter didn't have a fever overnight but I thought he felt warm so asked her to take his temp and sure enough, 101.   She took it again in an hour and it was up to 102.7 ~ they gave him tylenol. By the time rounds started I thought he felt warmer and asked if there was something else they could give him other than Tylenol but they didn't want to give him ibuprofen because his blood may not clot well after the procedure and they thought he would be uncomfortable with a cooling blanket. Pediatric surgery came by and assessed the broviac line and called anesthesia to get a room set up for Porter to have the line removed.  The nurse took his temp after rounds and it was up to 104.5.  I was really getting worried at this point.  Cardiology was made aware of the high temp and Porter received a bath which helped cool him down to 102. They took Porter up to the OR and removed the central line and are waiting for the blood cultures to come back to see if anything is growing. He's been sleeping most of the afternoon and his temp has returned to normal.  Unfortunately, because the cultures they took yesterday grew some "ick" and because of his high fevers they had to make him inactive on the transplant list until he is symptom free.  Hopefully this will not be more than a few days and he'll be reactivated. 

Not quite how we pictured the weekend starting but like I said yesterday, lil P likes to keep everyone on their toes!!  Personally, Steve and I liked "coasting" much better.  


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