Lil P Michelin Baby

Written Feb 24, 2014 9:35pm by Megan Richardson
Porter has progressively gotten more edematous throughout the day and started to look like the Michelin man again. The nurses are giving him albumin which is supposed to draw the fluid out of his tissues and back into his vessels which should help him "shrink" back to his svelte baby figure. We met with his care team today and discussed Porter getting rid of his ET tube and having a trach put in. This will allow him to be more "mobile" in that we can start working on his strength and motility as well as making it easier for us to hold him. Also with switching to a trach tube he would be able to be weaned off of his morphine and other
sedatives and would be much more alert. It would make for a better quality of life as he waits for his new heart!!! ??


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