Little Scare

Written Jan 20, 2014 6:34am by Megan Richardson
Porter had a great day yesterday until about 6:30. All day the nurse was able to wean him down on his meds & suctioned some good "junk" out of his lungs. Hr, bp, and o2 were all looking good. Around 6:30 he went into an irregular heart beat, bp and o2 dropped. After about two hours and having his meds and fluids ramped back up he came out of it and was back in normal rhythm. He remained stable until 4:30 this morning when it all happened again. The nurses and docs worked on him for an hour before calling us. They were having trouble getting his hr
down and his bp up. 2 hours later his bp is back up to where it should be, his hr isn't yet back to normal rhythm but is not as fast as it was earlier.
We're hoping for a quiet day once his rhythm is back to normal. Lil P is keeping everyone on their toes!


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