MRI today

Porter is going in this morning for an MRI to check the fluid levels in his brain to make sure they haven't increased since his last MRI in Texas.  We have also switched Pulmonologists and since doing so, Porter has had two chest x-rays.  The first was when he wasn't feeling super great so it showed some clouding on the right side but he had a follow up x-ray last week that looked much better.  He does have some upper airway obstruction but this could be due to his tonsils. We have a follow up in November to discuss this.  We also meet with the ENT next week to discuss his tonsils, tubes, and some granulation tissue that is getting bigger around his stoma.  We feel like Porter's tube in at least his left ear is not functioning properly or has come out because he was in a lot of pain last week.  We were able to get him on an antibiotic which should last us until we see the ENT.  This is the second round of antibiotics since his tubes were placed and its within days of stopping the antibiotics he starts showing signs of pain in his ears.  :(  As soon as he started this last round of antibiotics though he was back to himself!  

We have added a couple other therapists to Porter's weekly routine.  The feeding therapist is still waiting on insurance approval but the developmental therapist has started working with Porter and she is WONDERFUL. She adapted our Brown Bear book with velcroing smaller pics of each animal on the page so Porter can take them off and put them back on.  She incorporates singing into the play and videos some of the things he does so he can watch himself.  It's great to see.  

He's putting quite a bit more weight in his legs these days.  We're wondering if he's going to crawl or just start walking!!  

Porter is doing his first Heart Walk on Sunday - probably just the one mile though!!  


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