Making Progress

Woohoo! Porter was moved over about 4 feet into an actual Pod today so if we want to have some privacy we can pull the curtain and be in our own little world.  Overnight the doctors decided to test Porter's lung power and gave him a pressure support trial on the Vent so he would be doing all the breathing, controlling his own rate.  He did so well with this that they decided to let him ride that mode all day today.  He's been in "cpap" mode since 9:00am and tolerating it well. As a matter of fact~ when they moved his bed over to the actual pod, they bagged him and he HATED it.  They made a small decrease in his Methadone today and will probably wean the Adivan tomorrow.  He continues to make progress to getting back to where he was a month ago when we were getting ready to go home.  


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