Manic Monday

Porter had a wild day today.   Porter was an unhappy camper this morning and scared us a couple times when he looked like he stopped breathing and turned a lovely shade of blue. surprise Haven't seen him like this since January. His heart rate was elevated this morning and he had another fever brewing.  The initial thought was that he was experiencing some withdraw from his morphine but then we realized he was getting the same amount he always has been getting.  The next thought is that he may be having a reaction to the change in dosage of his food so they are decreasing his food back to what it was on Friday to see if that fixes the problem. Porter has also had a lot of new nurses over the last month who have never worked with him before and who we weren't familiar with.  All have been nice but we expressed our desire to have a more consistent set of people working with Porter like we did when he was first admitted.  The nurse manager is working to put together a nursing team for Porter so he has more consistent care. We've probably now become "those parents".  


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