Manic Mothers Day

Porter decided he needed all of mommy's attention on Mother's Day today and gave the docs and us another scare.  His HR went extremely high which is really dangerous for Porter.  They believe this is what happened to him Wednesday right before he coded.  Luckily there were two nurses in the room when this happened today so they were able to get control of his heart rate and respiratory rate before his heart stopped.  They gave him a bunch of fluid, morphine and ativan ~ fluid for hydration and morphine and ativan to help calm him down.  Lately, when he gets "mad"  and his HR goes up, the obstruction in his left ventricle closes off and blood cannot flow through his heart.  It's uncertain what is making him so agitated as all the test they have run have come back normal.  The thought is that his heart is just struggling more and he is noticing it and is uncomfortable.  They want to do a septal myectomy this week where they will go in through his aorta(which is maybe the size of a straw or slightly smaller), down through the mitral valves which are about the consistency of a thin piece of tissue paper, and take away some of the muscle there making more room for blood to flow.  The docs put him back on Precedex IV drip which is a sedative he was on before and hoping this will keep him calm and stable for the next couple days so he is strong going into surgery.   Needless to say we are terrified but optimistic that this will improve his heart function enough to keep him stable for now.  


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