Merry Christmas!!!

It has been a busy month!!  Porter had his Tonsils and Adenoids out and tubes placed in his ears again in early December.  He did great with the surgery and was home the same day!  We can already tell he can hear better.  The surgeon said there was a lot of fluid backed up in his ears and the tiny tubes she put in the first time did not work at all.  Porter has had more inflection in his voice and has made some definite letter sounds.  It even sounded like he said hat. 

Porter and Oliver were able to get their picture taken with Santa this year and Porter didn't even cry!

Porter is scooting all over the place.  He scooted all the way across the living room over to his piano and started playing it.  He's big enough to reach the keys from the floor now.  He just loves to scoot around and we love seeing him go!  He may skip crawling all together and go from scooting to walking.  He's doing a great job standing, just hasn't figured out how to sit down from standing.  He's working hard during his therapy sessions and is making great strides.  

We had a wonderful Christmas and feel so blessed that we were all together at home.  We hope everyone had a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!!!! 


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