Might punch a wall

The respiratory therapist came in tonight and said shes going to take P's O2 from 50 to 40% and is confident they'll be able to wean it down.  I said "what do you mean his Oxygen is at 50%??  That is news to me!! I said he hasn't been on 50% just hanging out in a VERY long time and the last I was told he was at room air.  She looked shocked probably because my tone was maybe not super sweet and bubbly but more of a tired, surprised and frustrated mama!  She said she thinks maybe the person before her just bumped P's O2 up to suction him and with this new vent she didn't drop it back down.  She tried to tell me that the old vent~ and yes, I rudely interrupted her and said the old vent had a O2 breath button and this one does but it's not as easy to find and if you don't know where it is you don't know how to use it."  I mean really!  If you're an Respiratory Therapist  and you're taking care of my child and any other child you better know how to use the vent and if you manually turn up the O2 don't be a ding a ling and forget to turn it back down.  Not  to mention 1   ~Porter doesn't need an O2 boost to be suctioned (you should know that by now)  2~ Per cardiology with the diuretic wean that already hasn't gone well the vent settings are not to be changed unless of course Porter is in distress which he hasn't been and finally~CHECK THE CHART before you start  working with a patient!   Good grief!
And then I find out he's been awake the last two nights b'c the nurse has kept the lights on in the room!   No wonder he has been sleeping ALL day!  And here I've been telling cardiology he's really been sleeping a lot more the last couple of days.  Well duh!  I would too if I was up all night!  UGH  Rounds should be fun tomorrow.  I may have a few words. 


  • Bhillmomof2

    So sorry Megan. It must be very frustrating! It's a lot to deal with every day! I wish there was a magic pill to make everything better but as you know it's a frustrating roller coaster ride! My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family!

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