Movin up..... again

Porter's heart rate has been on the higher side the last several days and jumping all around so today he was transferred back up to to the CVICU where they will take him off his Propafanone and start him on Sotalol.  Not sure yet how they will transition him off of one and onto the other but the electro physiologist is involved.   We're really nervous for this transition but the doctors here feel the Sotalol will be more benificial for his heart function. Only time will tell.  He's also tested positive for Rhino Virus so it's a waiting game until that is out of his system as well.  He had a bit of a fever this morning and has been really sweaty today but still in good spirits. Porter enjoyed some time in his bouncy seat today and did a great job with OT.  She said his abs are getting stronger every time she sees him and his arms and legs aren't as tight as they were.

He had an EKG the other day and if this little dude doesn't start gaining some weight there's not going to be anywhere to put the leads.


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