Moving Monday

Porter had a big day yesterday.  He was moved from the CVICU on the 18th floor down to the step down unit on the 7th floor.  We are no longer living in a pod~ Porter has his own room and it's huge. There are two tv's, a couch/twin bed, full bathroom and a door to keep the noise out. So far Porter seems to like it.  PT and OT will be working with him daily and PT said they'll be getting him out of bed and onto an activity mat.  Porter was quite interested in the pacifier this morning, more so than we've ever seen so OT will be working with him on keeping the pacifier in his mouth and once he's weaned down on the vent they'll start thinking about a swallow study. He's off of one of his sedation meds so now it's just a matter of getting him off the methadone and adivan and he'll be sedative free.  He continues to tolerate his feeds so now he just needs to grow.  If he continues to do well on his vent weans then they'll most likely won't do a lung CT. Porter is looking great and is back to wearing his little outfits.   I'm hoping to meet with the doctors he had in the CVICU sometime this week to see what their plan is for Porter, needless to say we have a lot of questions. 


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