Music Class and the Zoo!

Porter has started going to an interactive music class one day a week and is LOVING it.  He gets to bang on drums, shake maracas, and play to the beat of music that is played.  He’s in a class with kids around his same age and its so fun to see them interact and just watch each other.   Porter really seems to enjoy being around the other kids.  

We took a trip to the zoo today which was a little more adventurous than we anticipated.  About 20 minutes into the ride Porter upchucked some of his breakfast so Steve pulled the car over and we got that cleaned up.  He had a great time at the zoo and loved watching the seals swim buy.  One of the Cheetahs was right up at the glass so Porter and Oliver got an up close look at her.  The polar bears, grizzlies, and black bears were all out today.  We checked out the new play area there too which is really nice.  Oliver got to pet a huge rabbit - a Norwegian Giant Rabbit.  It was a gorgeous day for the zoo.    The drive home involved an emergency trach change.  Porter’s O2 sats started dropping and suctioning wasn’t helping so we felt his trach was clogged with mucus.  Steve pulled the car over - again, I flipped my seat down, laid Porter down and changed his trach.  First time we’ve had to do that on the road. It was very scary. Porter slept the rest of the way home and for another two hours after we got home.  All is good now!

Porter is getting sized for braces for his ankles tomorrow.  The physical therapist thinks this will help him progress with his walking.  We’re hopeful they do!  He sure does want to walk!! 


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