New Digs

Porter had a better day today.  No crazy episodes with trachs or anything of the sort.  They bumped his morphine back to .08 and he did not have a fever at all today.  They cultured him again just to rule out any infections;  the specimen they took from his trach had not colonized anything and we're waiting on the blood cultures which could take up to 5 days.  It's hard to imagine that such a slight change in his morphine could make him go through withdraw but it doesn't take much to affect Porter.  

Porter got an upgrade on his bed today so he no longer looks like he's in 
"jail".  He didn't really look like he was in jail but his old bed was quite antiquated compared to his new one.  Both Steve and I were able to get some good snuggles in today which Porter really seemed to enjoy. He only seems to really close his eyes when he's sleeping when we are holding him.

Porter is also ready for St. Patty's day!  Check out his cute bow tie - this is from a mom who also had a baby in the PICU waiting for a transplant.  Unfortunately, this little one did not receive her transplant in time.














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