New Digs

When I got to Porter's room this morning all of his stuff had been moved from the window sill and there were a bunch of towels laying on the floor and by the window.  There had been another waterfall in his room down the window from somewhere upstairs.  Luckily none of his pictures got ruined.   Since this is the second time this has happened since he's been here and the room next door was open, they packed up all of Porters things and moved him next door.  He now has butterflies on his ceiling to look at. 
He worked out with PT and did some sit ups and kicks.  They worked on positioning his legs so they aren't laying out to the side.  They worked on his shoulders and his head strength too.  Then they put him in his bouncy chair and let him hang out there for a little over an hour.  After all that excitement he was pooped and is now taking a nice nap.  


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