New Trach means more head movement!!!

Porter got his new Trach so now his chin doesn't sit on the bulky plastic and he can move his head a lot easier without disconnecting the vent~ which is pretty important at this point.  Hopefully he'll get to the point soon where disconnecting the vent isn't detrimental to his health and he can breath on his own.  He's working hard to get there and the docs weaned the vent settings a little more today.  They also weaned his morphine down to .2 so he's soooo close to being off that one but they are still going slow as just going down by .1 every time still makes him have some withdraw affects.  

PT/OT are coming by about once a day to do various things with him.  Today they had a wand that lit up when he hit it (of course they helped him with his right hook) and he really seemed interested in it.  They said we could bring in the activity mat we have and see if it fits in his bed (the floor is a little gross to put him on at the hospital)   

Porter continues to make progress and get stronger!!!!  The power of prayer is an amazing thing!


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