Nothing growing

Porter was moved up to the PICU around 5ish Monday evening and was smiling at everyone.  Porter had an uneventful night at his home away from home. He needed a small amount of O2 over night and this morning.  So far none of his cultures are growing anything, no flu, no rsv, electrolytes look good, white blood cell count is good, and he is right where he should be with his anti-rejection meds.  We're still waiting on a couple results~ CMV and the culture from the trach so we'll see what those say.  If all of that is normal then there is a good chance we could go home this afternoon or evening. 

To look at Porter you would never know he needs a little oxygen.  He is his usual self grinning from ear to ear showing off all of his teeth. Without the monitors we would have never known he needed a little O2 boost. At some point we'll be rid of the monitors, and that is a little scary.  Right now we're just working on getting his cytogam infusion so we can get the heck outta here and go home.


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