November 24, 2014 8:30pm

Time to heal. Porter was a warrior in the OR today. Didn't give the doctors any surprises. The surgeon said everything went as planned. He has some lymphatic fluid drainage but so far doesn't have tubes by his lungs. They are just going to watch and see. He is on a lot of medication right now, one that he's been on before- milranone and another one to assist with his lung pressure. The anesthesiologist said they were super pleased to see that the new heart didn't even hesitate to start beating. It was like it knew what it needed to do and did it. Amazing. We can't wait to see him and give him big kisses. We feel so blessed by the amazing outpouring of prayers and thoughts from people across the globe. People we know and people we don't. We THANK YOU all! And most of all- we THANK the family who allowed this to happen, not only for Porter but for all the other little ones lives that child saved. God Bless You. ♥


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