November 25, 2014 first night Post-op

Porter had a good first night overall. His blood pressure was a little low so they gave him epinephrine which has helped and they are weaning that now. The sedation started wearing off and he became a bit agitated. They feel he's built up some tolerance to some of the sedation drugs because it took quite a bit to sedate him again. The IV in his arm went bad so they called Vascular Access team to come and look for another access with ultrasound and the two ladies who came up knew Porter very well and knew how hard it has been to find veins on him. Well, not only did they find one, they found two and said his new heart is working well already! Porter will be sedated throughout the day so hopefully it will be a smooth day Tuesday.


  • crsmith77

    Hi Megan, I know this is a bit selfish but I'd really like to find out how Porter is doing if you have a second. he and your family have been on my mind and I'd really appreciate a super quick update on how everything is going. I keep sending you guys my prayers!

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