November 26, 2014 Day 2 post-transplant

Porter had a good second day.  They uncovered his incision to let it breath but covered it back up where it's close to his trach because of his secretions. They needed to go up on one of his vent settings to help one of his lungs open up all the way.  They started his food back up tonight but very slowly.  They are working on weaning drips and medications he is on which will take some time but he's doing well so far.  He is still pretty well sedated but the docs let him move around a bit when he starts coming out of the sedation.  I haven't figured out how to put a video on the blog but we uploaded him moving around on his facebook page - cotaforporterr.  

We are still on pins and needles as we get through this initial period and feel like we should be bathing in antibacterial gel!  Porter has had lots of visitors from the PCU and the ICU, nurses, PT/OT, docs who have had him and people who have met him along the way.  It's amazing to see the amount of people who's lives he has touched in such a positive way.  Can't wait for the sedation to wear off so we can see that HUGE grin again.  


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