November went out with a bang

Sunday started out nice and quiet and then got a little crazy.  I was with Porter in the morning and Steve and I made the switch over and not much past the time it took us to trade places I received a text from Steve that Porter had a lump on his head which was not there in the morning. Porter tensed up, clenched his hands and his whole body for a minute or so and then relaxed.  It looked like he was wanting to scream out in pain.  The doctors came in immediately and Porter was taken down to get a CT scan. . They were initially concerned that he had a stroke or bleeding on the brain.  Thankfully - the CT scan looked much like the one he had in August except there seems to be a little more fluid and slight obstruction by 3rd ventricle.  They did and echo and ultra sound of the main vein in his heart and that is open and flowing.  An ultra sound of his head has been ordered along with an eeg and mri but he looks good and is moving all around when he is awake.

He's super smiley even though he still has a lot of sedation on board.  They are weaing his meds and have said we may be going back down to the PCU tomorrow!  


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