Our nurse saved the day today and tomorrow and ongoing

What an interesting day.  We didn't have a nurse on the schedule for today but one of the nurses agreed to come in on her day off to help us out. Thankfully she did!  As she is going over the new May paperwork she discovers that a night nurse a couple nights ago discontinued Porter's Tacrolimus - a very important anti-rejection drug.  One that he will be on for the rest of his life!!  This should never be discontinued.  Our nurse today caught that and a couple other errors on the documents.  Someone was watching over us to have her work today and catch those mistakes.  

So far we don't have a night nurse tonight or Saturday night.  Oh happy joy joy joy.  It's super frustrating to have to call the nursing company and make suggestions of who they should call to fill our schedule. This is their job.  We’ve consulted with another company to help fill some of our open nights and were fortunate enough to have had someone from that company for a few hours tonight to give us some family time. Oliver and Porter had fun making funny faces at each other tonight and Porter was on his speaking valve most of the night.  He’s still trying to figure out his voice but every little sound melts our heart. Could be a long weekend but we’ve been down this road before.  Hopeful that we’ll get a more consistent schedule ASAP.  


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