Porter had a decent day yesterday and so far a good day today. He remains off the paralytic which is so great. He's had a little blood in his urine the last couple days so he had a renal ultra sound to make sure he doesn't have any kidney stones. He had another echo today and sounds like they're going to be doing those regularly to keep an eye on a blockage that's recently developed. He had some physical therapy today which he tolerated very well. The nurse didn't have to give extra pain meds or crank up his oxygen. The therapist moved his legs and arms around a bit and showed us how to do this as well in hopes of getting some if his swelling down. Occupational Therapy will be in later today. He was really wanting to hold onto something today so his nurse have him the end of his suction tube to hold onto. She later found a little car for him to hold and another toy for his other hand. She also found a sound machine so he can listen to the ocean and pretend he's at the beach again!


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