Written January 31,2014

Porter has had a busy day today. He was a rock star this afternoon. The hospital set us upwith a wonderful photographer from an organization called Now I lay me down to sleep - who came by and took photos of Porter today. She captured his hands and feet and other pics of him that we can't wait to see. I am posting one I took with my phone so it's not going to be as good as the ones she tookbutit's a fun one anyway. Porter is getting a little formula today for the first time in a month to see how he tolerates it. Starting out small - 2mls over an hour - just enough to wet his whistle. Porter also did his exercises today as you can see in the other picture. He's holding his syringe "dumbbells" in his hands. Right now they're empty but when he gets strong enough we'll start adding a little saline to create some resistance! :) Body builder in training. Daddy even bought him a pair of boxing gloves but they're still a little big. Porter said Oliver could borrow them if he wanted to but had to give them back once he's big enough to use them.


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