Steve and I about lost our minds yesterday.  Our patience was tested and continues to be tested today.  Porter went for his MRI and as they were wheeling him out of the room the staff started moving out our belongings and said we were being moved from our room (which was quiet and private) into a pod surrounded by loud noises, screaming babies, and bright lights, and other germy people.  Needless to say we were less than thrilled.  Not only were we being moved out of our rooms, we no longer had any place to keep our suitcases which we had been living out of day by day since we arrived.  We then saw where they were putting Porter and realized it wasn’t even a pod~ it was a mere space in between 2 pods so even more cramped than if we were in a standard pod.  Steve and I met with the nurse manager and family advocate and expressed our dissatisfaction with the way the situation was handled  and our concern about infection/colds or anything of the sort happening to Porter with strangers practically breathing all around him. Unfortunately they are over capacity and this was the “best” they could do but said they are expanding and hope to have more rooms built by the new year,~ we hope  we’re home before that happens!!  Porter doesn’t seem any worse for the ware so we will muster through!  We’ve taken up residence at the Best Western across the street for now until we figure something else out. 

 They have talked about getting all parties involved in Porter’s case together early next week to talk about a plan and know what their thoughts are for Porter.  He is looking great and hasn’t had any episodes since we’ve been here.  They haven’t weaned his sedation yet but we’ll be talking with them about that when they round. 

Steve is on his way back to NC and heading to France tomorrow for business and if we’re still here next weekend he’ll most likely be heading back to Texas for some more waffles shaped like Texas!  Of course I think the pastries in France would be much better!!!!


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