Porter Olympics

Written Feb 16, 2014 8:53pm by Megan Richardson
Porter takes the gold medal in accomplishments today!! No big medical changes for him today but some big feats achieved. It all began with a bouncy seat, two nurses and myself trying to figure out the best way to get the seat into Porters bed and how to get him in it. I was able to lift Porter up in the air (1st time picking him up since Jan 3rd), another nurse managed all his IV lines and his other nurse slid the seat under him while I lowered him in. He snuggled right in and seemed to be quite comfortable. He stayed in the seat for a little over an hour before starting to squirm. The next thing that happened was the best part
of the day- the best part of my day- Porters Dr today felt it would do him some good to have some mommy therapy and I of course didn't object. So after lifting Porter out of the bouncy seat, they let me hold him in my arms. It was amazing (first time holding him since Jan 3rd). He tolerated this well for about 7 minutes. I wish Steve could have been there with us. Would love to be able to do this a little bet every day if possible. Porter also had a visit from some of his NICU nurses. It was an awesome day. 


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