Post transplant~ Day 8

Monday and Tuesday have been better than Sunday.  Porter's head ultra sound didn't show really anything different than the one he had months ago except maybe a little more fluid and it was consistent with the CT scan he had on Sunday.  They did an EEG this morning to check for any seizure activity but we have not hear the results from that as of yet.  Neuro wants to get an MRI of his brain and spinal column at some point but isn't in too big of a hurry unless something drastically changes.

Porter was more alert today and full of those goofy toothy grins we love so much. He even did well sitting up for PT today. He is trying to roll onto his tummy which is his favorite way to sleep but he's not allowed to do this for 6 weeks.  We all wanted him to get onto his tummy and now he's not allowed.  In time....  

He is still going through some withdraw from the sedatives and he threw up this morning so they are managing that with some additional medications.  

Porter will get another PICC line tomorrow so they have access for meds when he goes down stairs and should be back down to the PCU by the end of the week.  They weaned his vent settings a little more today and will continue to do so as he tolerates it.  He looks great today. 


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