Putting our foot down.....

We are still puzzled as to why people want to start changing up Porter's medication when there is no medical benefit for him before transplant.  Last week the Dr. who is on service decided to get rid of one of Porter's diuretics, he said it was because he was trying to simplify the medication Porter is on and it's such a small dose it shouldn't matter.  It is also one of the diuretics that helps Porter maintain his Potassium level. I questioned the discontinuation of this medication at the time and asked him to check with heart failure about this. Not only did they remove the one diuretic, they didn't increase any of the other ones he is on. Since removing this diuretic, Porter has required extra doses of IV lasixs and potassium supplementation and today was the day I drew the line. NO MORE CHANGES UNLESS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY!  I kindly expressed my concern~ again~ with removing the med, and along came the attempt at justifying the decision.  I expressed the fact that Porter's Potassium and fluid levels were stable before he made the change and even though amount he is on is so small, it was working for Porter.  I asked them to put him back on the dose he was on and requested no changes be made that aren't medically necessary for Porter until the transplant.  If they need to make changes to make it look like they have made progress while on service, pick someone else.  Porter needs to coast and grow~ and that's it. 

He's still rockin the trach collar trials and had a huge code brown, probably because he heard them talking about giving him miralax!!!  :)


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