Rockin the Trach Collar!!

Porter had a good weekend and so far is having a good week.  He has been rockin his trach collar trials every day.  He's gone as long as just under 6 hours off the vent which is a pretty amazing feat.  He definitely breaths faster when he's off the vent so they are keeping a close watch on his caloric intake and weight gain or loss.  If he starts loosing weight they'll have to back off on how long he can be off the vent.  Friday is supposed to be the day for the second medical board review so we'll see what they say.  The PCU team has given the go ahead for Porter to start taking real tastes of baby food if he wants too.  He's gotten some banana tastes off of a spoon and doesn't "not like it" but also doesn't love it yet.  We're not expecting Porter to start eating over night but excited that we've gotten to a point to let him try. 

Porter loves to have books read to him and has started wanting to help turn the pages.  He even held one of the books himself the other day. 


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