Rough Afternoon

Well today was a rough afternoon for lil P.  Got a call from the nurse as I was leaving school that his heart rate was elevated and his blood pressure was high.  He didn't want to play and seemed like he was in pain.  It seemed so strange because from talking with her earlier he was playful and his usual self~ well this is how quickly things turn for Porter.  He didn't have a fever when he woke from his nap but seemed warm.  We checked him again when I got home and still no significant fever.  Porter had an appointment to have his cast removed today so we loaded him up in the car and went to the appointment.  He wasn't upset in the car but just wasn't himself.  We checked in for his appointment but as we were sitting there I felt him getting warmer.  His nurse checked to see how long it would be until he would be seen and they said it would be at least 30 min.  We both felt we needed to get him over to the pediatrician so I called and they said they could see him right away.  We quickly rescheduled the cast removal and headed over to the pediatricians office.  

They took his temp and it was 99. 7 under the armpit which means it was over a 100 (if they had taken it rectally).  They swabbed his throat to rule out strep, checked his ears, and his incisions and stiches from his surgery last Friday. 

Well~ he tested postive for strep- AGAIN and two of his incisions appeared to be infected.  He had a surgical sticker on each site that he picked off the last couple of days and since he puts his hands in his mouth the dr feels he transferred the strep from his mouth to the incisions.  

Porter is averaging aquiring strep about once per month so the dr is thinking either he is colonized with it from being hospitalized for sooo long OR either one of us or one of the nurses/therapists is colonized with it.  The dr's office is going to test him after this round of antibiotics and if he's negative~ everyone that takes care of Porter or is in close proximity on a regular basis is going to get tested.  If he's posivitve then there's a whole other course of action. 

SO - he still has the cast but now has some antibiotics on board.  He seems to be feeling better just after having the antibiotic on board for 3 hrs so hopfully we'll be able to get him to his dr appt to have this cast removed. 

He's a trooper!!!


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