Sit Ups

Porter looked really good today; his color was good and his swelling is down quite a bit.  His belly is a little bigger than they would like but he also hasn't pooed in 6 days! Yeiks! They gave him a glycerin chip to hopefully help with that so could be a "code brown" in the future!  Porter's breathing was a little rapid today but could be due to his big belly.  

The 2018 Olympic training began today with sit ups.  With Steve and the nurse's help~ Porter sat up for 30 seconds.  Gotta start somewhere! His syringe weights have come up missing so he must have talked one of the nurses into throwing them out~ little does he know there's an entire cabinet full of them!  Today during rounds instead of the docs talking about medical procedures or changes in medication, their main focus is working on play therapy and helping Porter to start doing some of the "normal" baby things. Music to our ears.


  • bexleybookclub

    Looking forward to Code Brown. In honor of Porter we will all pray for him and do sit-ups at the same time.

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