Sporting a new accessory

Well it sure has been a crazy week!!  

A night nurse called off, a nurse was available to work but wanted extra pay for it, nursing company wouldn't pay her what she wanted, so- we didn't have a nurse.  Normally when a nurse calls off there isn't anyone who can work- this time we had one who could work but they wouldn't pay her. They wanted to send a nurse out who hadn't ever been here before because she's what they call "coded" so essentially trained to work with anyone but why not just pay the person thats already on Porter's case. Maybe she wanted the moon- who knows.  

The weekend started out great. The weather was beautiful, we took Oliver and Porter to "touch a truck" where they could get in different utility vehicles and emergency vehicles, honk the horns and make the lights go.  They had an inflatable slide there as well and of course Oliver wanted to go down it.  He went up and I went up with Porter - they both loved it.  Before we left Oliver wanted to go down the slide again and so did Porter.  Well.. on this ride down Porter's shoe came off and he was crying.  We got home and his foot was a little swollen so we iced it and he slept pretty much the rest of the day.  Unfortunately he cannot take any ibuprofen so the only thing he could have was tylenol for pain.  He didn't sleep very well that night so we took him to get it x-rayed.   They xray showed a small bucal fracture at the bottom of his tibia.  The doc splinted it and I took him to the orthopedist today.  They looked at the xray and confirmed what the urgent care found.  The dr placed a cast on Porter's leg and we go back in three weeks to have it removed.  The good news is he'll still be able to put weight on his foot so we can still work on his walking  and he'll still be able to move around and play while his leg is healing.

Never a dull moment!!!!


  • marygandy

    Awww! what a week, full of tragedies but at the end all was good and he'll be able to move around and ready for play.

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