Still a mystery

Porter has had a stable couple of days but the docs are still puzzled as to why he coded the other morning.  They have run a bunch of tests and our surgeon was going to be talking with the surgeons at Texas Children's at some point today.  He is still on the hospital vent with a little o2 support but is looking good.  They have continued regular morphine doses to keep him from getting agitated.  The poor little guy has also started teething on top of all this which has not made him very happy.  Luckily if you're teething in the hospital you don't just get orajel - you get lidcane.  Right on- the good stuff!!   We'll have the first 6 month old appearing on the show "intervention" as the youngest drug addict they've ever seen but things could be worse.    So we wait to hear what the next steps are and in the meantime we and the staff continue to build on his everyday skills of taking a pacifier, sitting, holding his head up, supported tummy time, and reading to him. Will update every one as we know more and we thank you all so much for all your prayers an support.  


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