Sunday Funday

Porter has been awake and alert a lot today.  We've worked with his pacifier and several of his toys.  The docs bumped the o2 on the vent down to room air today to see how he does with it and so far so good.  We took the "bumpers" away from around him in his bed and he just keeps wiggling sideways and is really trying to roll over onto his left side.  He held the pacifier in his hand and tried to put it to his mouth.  

Tomorrow is supposed to be the big move down to the PCU on the 7th floor and we're hopeful we'll get a private room and not one of the pods.  I expressed my desire not to be moved until we have an actual room.  We'll see what happens.  The plan is to transition Porter back to the trilogy home vent and start trach collar trials again (he spends time off the vent).  He continues to be super sweaty when he moves around a lot but he is starting to gain some weight.  We just love seeing his big smile.  I'm hoping that Steve and Oliver can make a trip down in the next week or so.  Oliver will flip out over the metro train that goes in front of the hospital!!!


  • beth

    I am happy to be able to keep up with what is going on with Porter! You have been placed into an unimaginable situation and you are handling it with such love and grace. Please remember that we are continuing to lift up Porter, and all of you, in our thoughts and in our prayers. Praying especially for answers and direction for you. We miss you and send our love!

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