Sure I'll have another.... antibiotic and steroid... why not.

Porter's night started off a little rocky with increased work of breathing.  He improved a little through the night but was still having high respiratory rates this morning along with a fever.  I called the on call Pulmonologist and he suggested adding another antibiotic along with some Prenisolone to his regimen and said to discuss that with the pediatrician when we are there for his follow up today. We took Porter to the pediatrician for his follow up appointment from yesterday and to get another round of Rocephin.  We explained what the Pulmonologist suggested and so the dr. called the Pulmonologist to discuss. 

They have added another antibiotic and the prednisolone.  This sure has been a rough one for Porter and definitely the sickest he has been in a LONG time.  They are trying everything they can to keep him out of the hospital and away from all of those germ!  Really praying these meds start working!!!!


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