Tempid Tuesday

Porter's fever came back overnight without any explanation.  All of his labs are normal with exception of his white blood cell count which is in the normal range but higher than he normally trends.  They started him on some antibiotics and so far today his temp has been normal. There were several "code browns" today so I'm sure Porter is feeling MUCH better.  His right chest tube came out so they're going to watch the site and will probably replace this tomorrow.  This side puts out most of the fluid.  Porter has been alert and continues to enjoy watching his mobile and being held.  


  • bexleybookclub

    We saw and talked with your Grandma last night, Porter, at our book club. She showed us some adorable pictures on her phone of you with your mother. We zoomed in so we could see your beautiful eyes looking up at her. How wonderful it must be for her to hold you more each day. Very precious! We are delighted you are now on this site and have your own account. Prayers for that red heart from your Bexley fan club

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