Thank you

We just wanted to say thank you to all of you who have already donated to COTA in honor of Porter.  Not only do your donations help with the cost of his actual transplant, they also help with all the transplant related costs and expenses leading up to, during, and after his transplant.   Because of your donations, we are able to visit with Porter every day at the hospital and stay at the Ronald McDonald house when things were tenuous and will be able to stay there again when he gets his transplant.   Your generosity is appreciated more than you know.   And to all our friends and family helping with fundraising, we thank you! Porter had a good day and weekend. He seemed to fight a little bit of a fever on and off today which was a little peculiar.  They are considering his “dry” weight to be 4.5kg now instead of 4.0 and our nurse made sure to inform the transplant team of his weight change.  She said the bigger he gets the better his chances are for receiving a heart so we are very thankful to her for letting transplant know of his increase.  Porter should hopefully be getting his custom trach this week which will help keep the vent tubes off of the skin under his chin.  We will be sure to (and I’m sure the docs will this time too) check and double check to make sure the trach is the correct size! We’ve had several “code brown’s” today, one of which occurred while I was holding him!  Lol   These are some skilled nurses too because our nurse today changed him right on my lap and despite the size of his diaper- no poop escaped!  We’re not only learning a lot about cardiology and medicine but tricks on diaper changing too! 


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