The pollen is appearing...........

And so are the allergies. Over the last couple of weeks Porter has required some Oxygen 24/7 and has been breathing a little harder on the vent. Chest x-ray looks good, blood work looks good, heart looks good, lungs are clear, no wheezing, so humm. What's going on? We went to the clinic at UNC today to have him checked out again. We have been thinking allergies but the docs keep saying he's too young. Well- today we mentioned allergies again and they agreed to try some Zyrtec to see if that helps. This will probably dry up his secretions a bit so we'll have to be very careful that he doesn't get a plug in his trach. We're hopeful this will help with his breathing- if not -well it's another Porter mystery.
Oliver and Steve went with us today and Oliver was a trooper. Both boys are sound asleep in the car as we make our way home.


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