Ticker is Ticking!

Porter had his follow up cardiology appointment yesterday where they did an ekg and an echo.  His heart is still looking great!  They decided that they would like to do a biopsy probably in a month to check for any sign of rejection.  Of course this is nerve racking but we are hopeful that this will come without any issues.  The cardiologist says this is usually done as an outpatient procedure but they will have a PICU bed available should he have any respiratory trouble coming out of the anesthesia.  We are hopeful for this to be an outpatient procedure.He was tuckered out after his appointment and fell asleep within seconds of being back in the car. 

We were able to get Porter out on the beautiful spring teaser of a day and walk around the neighborhood.  He has been siting like a big boy in the stroller without the car seat and enjoyed looking around at all the trees and everything around him.  Usually he grimaces at the daylight but yesterday he just seemed to take it all in.  It was a BEAUTIFUL day.  


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