Two Months in the PICU

Written Mar 5, 2014 6:54am by Megan Richardson
Monday marked two months since Porter was admitted to the PICU. A month ago we weren't sure he would still be with us so even though he is still in the PICU and not home with us we are thankful he is stable.
Porter is adjusting to his trach a little more each day. The first night was a little rough as his heart rate and o2 levels were low on and off but they switched him to a different type of ventilator and that seemed to help him stabilize. However, his pH levels have been low on this new vent so he's been more acidotic than they would like. The docs are working on
a fix for that as we speak. It's so nice to see his face and we're certain we've caught him giving a few small smiles here and there.


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