The official Medical Board Review occurred this morning and this time they had 3 surgeons present to talk about the potential of a myectomy.  It was the consensus of the surgical team that the type of myectomy they would have to perform comes with extreme risk and no certainty of success.  It would require them to cut out a good amount of Porter's heart muscle which could lead to many problems.  

SO- with that said they have decided to list Porter for Transplant. Steve and I feel both relieved to have a plan but also have a level of fear that goes along with that.  Porter's time he accrued on the transplant list will transfer here and hopefully a heart will become available sooner rather than later.  We will have to stay here 2-3 months post transplant before we'll be able to go home but the plan is for Porter's post transplant care to happen in NC. 

Porter is still spending 4-6 hours off the vent and working on PT and OT.


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