We are home!!!!!!

Well~ there have been times along this journey that we never thought this day would come.  Not only did Porter come HOME today but he came home on his 14 month birthday!!

It was a whirlwind at the hospital this morning tying up loose ends and trying to get all of his medication coordinated.  A few of them came into the pharmacy incorrectly but our transplant coordinator hand delivered them to our house tonight!  Porter was ALL smiles and giggles this morning before leaving the hospital as if he knew- today was the day. What an amazing feeling being able to carry Porter into our house today and have us all under one roof once again.  He wasn't too thrilled with the sun in his face but he did like being outside.  It was a GORGEOUS day today, God was shining down on him today.

We have a long road ahead but it is brighter than ever. We are forever grateful for everyone's' support and all of your generous donations.  Not all of Porter's medications and supplies are covered by insurance so your donations help greatly.  


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