What a day

Ya know, some days just don’t quite go as planned but you just go with it~ as best you can.  That doesn’t go without saying our disappointment in the nurse calling out tonight for some rain and a slight chance of freezing rain mostly sticking to the grass.  Thank you local meteorologists for freaking everyone out, we will now be up all night.  I don’t usually complain but this has just been “one of those days.” Porter hasn’t quite been himself the last few days requiring oxygen, pushing on his left ear and not smiling as much as he normally does.  None of us are sick and Oliver has been out of town so not sure what’s going on.  Our nurse and I talked this morning and she suggested we head over to the clinic at UNC so I called and we got an appointment this afternoon.   The resident who saw us first tried looking in Porter’s ears but had a hard time so he brought in the Dr and he took a look in Porter’s ears as best he could. He said he didn’t think Porter had an ear infection but his ear canals are tiny.

The resident asked us if we had a pulmonologist~ well someone saw us in patient but we have yet to get anyone to call us back to schedule an appointment so we scheduled an appointment with Duke.  Well~ it’s amazing how you mention “Duke” and all of a sudden people are running around, coming in to talk to you, calling pulmonology and somehow pulmonology is now available as early as next week. We’ll see how it goes.  I’m not canceling our appointment with Duke until we see the people at UNC.  We don’t have time to wait for people to call back~ we will go else-ware. Porter’s life really just began November 24th and we have a lot of time to make up for and waiting and waiting is not an option.  I’m sure I’m not the most well liked mama at UNC but I have zero patience anymore.

In between talking about getting an appointment with pulmonology and trying to get out of there the resident said he wanted to get a trach aspirate (sample of Porter’s secretions from his trach) In order to do this there is a specific contraption you have to use.  The resident left a specimen cup on the exam table and left the room.  Our nurse and I looked at each other like~ what are we supposed to do with that.  He came back a few minutes later and asked if we got the sample.  I asked him how we were supposed to do that and he said just put it in the cup and they send it to the lab to see if anything grows.  Ok- I know how a lab test works but how do you propose we get the sample in the cup – oh and by the way it won’t be sterile. We went back and forth for a couple minutes and he just wasn’t getting it.  Finally I suggested he find a nurse and ask for the trach aspirate kit.  UGH  come on!  He finally did and the nurse got the sample.He wrote a script for amoxicillin on the “just in case”. 

Porter is having a good night, it’s 2:45am and sats are good and he is sound asleep. Roads are dry, no rain, snow, sleet or anything of the sort is falling from the sky.  It is a full moon though!!  Fitting.    zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


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