Whoa! What a Monday!

I think the full moon lingered in our house today even though it has long passed this part of the world.  Porter had a good night Sunday night but decided to greet our nurse this morning along with myself with de-canulating himself 3 times - yes -3.  (Pulled his trach out of his neck)  That got the day rolling!  Porter had PT this morning and worked really hard on rolling over and sitting up straight.  He worked so hard today that he decided to practice what he learned in his crib tonight and rolled completely on his stomach with both arms out.

He wasn't too happy though, probably because his trach tubing was pulling his trach sideways but he did it!  And then he rolled himself back!  

Oliver has had some fun bonding with Porter over the weekend.  He enjoys going up to him and tickling Porter's forehead and showing him his cars.  Oliver really wants to help with Porter's care which is great but also difficult to tell him no for safety reasons.  He has helped with keeping Porter happy while we clean his stoma and playes peak -a -boo with him while we give Porter a bath.  Oliver has even noticed some times when Porter has removed his HME (the thing that covers his trach when he isn't on the vent) and - with clean hands- Oliver puts it back on Porter's trach for him.  It's so amazing watching them bond.  

We now have OT, PT and speech set of for twice a week each so between the therapists working with Porter and us working with him we're hoping he is going to take off with his skills. The PT who came today was super impressed by how strong he has gotten since the last time she saw him.  More good things to come soon!


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